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International conference on Rosa Luxemburg
Moscow, Russia
28 September 2019

The hundredth anniversary of the tragic death of Rosa Luxemburg presents an important opportunity to reconsider her theoretical legacy. The theory of imperialism, proposed by Luxemburg in fundamental work “The Accumulation of Capital”, had a huge impact on the social and economic progressive thought of the twentieth century. The global growth of social inequality, the spread of military conflicts and the deepening dependence of the so-called “developing countries” have brought up to date the debate on imperialism and the grounds for its criticism.

However, what can this criticism take from Luxembourg’s legacy? How pertinent is her well known thesis that capitalism constantly appropriates non-capitalist elements external to it? What role does militarism and military production play in stabilizing capitalism? Can the conception of Luxemburg serve as a basis for a complex and non-linear concept of capitalist development, which take into account the simultaneous coexistence of different socio-economic forms? Finally, what place should the legacy of Rosa Luxemburg occupy in the new internationalist response to the challenges of the present?

14.00 – 16.30 What does “imperialism” mean? Rosa Luxemburg and “The Accumulation of Capital” today
. (room 325, in English, synchronous interpretation) Chairs – Ilya Budraitskis (MSSES), Ilya Konovalov (NRU HSE)


  • Eric Toussaint. Rosa Luxemburg and the debt as an imperialist tool. The case of Egypt, China, etc.
  • Ingo Schmidt. Rosa Luxemburg: A theoretical guide to the political economy of capitalism from its early days to the present.
  • Alex Callinicos. Rosa Luxemburg’s Critique of Capitalism and Contemporary Imperialism

Organized in RANEPA Universitby

by Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
Interdisciplinary Center for Social Sciences (InterCenter)
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
with the support of Rosa Luxembourg Foundation