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6th International Seminar on Debt and Law
19 October 2007

Auditing the debt

Case studies of 4 countries :
Ecuador, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, the Philippines

Some documents are available in English in the report (followed by EN), click here

Date : Friday October 19 and Saturday October 20 from 9.30am to 5.30pm
Venue : Congress room of the Belgian Senate, 21 rue de Louvain in Brussels

Provisional programme Friday 19 October :

Presentation of the Belgian Senate’s resolution on auditing the debt, by Senator Olga Zrihen

Ecuador sets an example in the field of debt auditing

- Panel with Ricardo Patino, Ecuador minister for debt auditing;

- Hugo Arias Palacios, spokesman for the External Debt Audit commission in Ecuador;

- Maria Isabel Altamirano, CADTM Ecuador;

- Eric Toussaint, CADTM Belgium, member of the audit commission, particularly with respect to debts to the World Bank

For full debt auditing in the Democratic Républic of the Congo
, by Victor Nzuzi (NAD) and Luc Mukendi (CADTM Lubumbashi)

Provisional programme Saturday 20 October :

- Auditing the debt in DRCongo, continued

- Beginnings of debt auditing in Mali, by Temo Tamboura (CAD Mali)

- The case of the Philippines, by Rebecca Malay, Freedom from Debt / Jubilee South Coalition (Philippines)


Languages: French/English/Spanish

The number of participants is limited

Compulsory registration prior to September 30 with :
christine at or myriam at

Participation cost for the two days: North: 16.00 Euros (or 8.00 Euros per day and per person). Students/ unemployed: 50% reduction. South: free participation.

This includes the simultaneous translation, a sandwich at lunch and coffee/tea. This does not include accommodation. Free accommodation with local people can be considered, depending on availability.
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