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He is an ideologue of the creation of the Bank of the South
Paraguay. The Belgian who met with the president is an adviser to Correa and works with Chavez.
by ABC Digital
27 December 2008

Eric Toussaint, the Belgian who met with the President of the Republic and then with a group of ministers, is one of the advisers to the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa and works closely with the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. He is one of the ideologists of the Bank of the South.

Yesterday in the Presidential Palace President Fernando Lugo received the Belgian Eric Toussaint, an adviser to Rafael Correa and a close aide to President Hugo Chavez.

The President of the Republic, Fernando Lugo, spent most of Tuesday morning meeting with Eric Toussaint, an adviser to the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa who also collaborates with Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela. The visitor arrived at the Palace together with the vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Lara Castro, who introduced him to the President of the Republic. The visit lasted from 8 to 11 o’clock and also included a meeting with a group of ministers and the head of the binational entity Itaipu.

Toussaint was a speaker in the international symposium organised by Chavez in November 2007 entitled “Building a new international financial architecture for South American integration and South-South cooperation”. From 8 to 11 October this year, he was also in Caracas (Venezuela) as an international panellist in the conference “Answers from the South to the global economic crisis”, organised by the Centro Internacional Miranda, an institution supported by Chavez for the dissemination of ideas. He even signed the final declaration which, among other things, says “The international financial crisis highlighted the complicity of IMF, World Bank, IDB with the transnational banks which triggered off the current collapse and its tremendous social consequences. These organisms are clearly discredited. The countries of the region have the opportunity, following the example of Bolivia, to withdraw from the ICSID; and, taking up Venezuela’s call, to withdraw from IMF and Word Bank, and to begin to help building a new international financial architecture”.

The Belgian political scientist is almost an inevitable reference in almost all web portals of the Venezuelan Government (see copies) and is moreover one of the ideologists of the creation of the Bank of the South launched by Chavez.

Until now the national government has not made clear the terms of Toussaint’s collaboration nor has he specified in which capacity he met with the ministers. It was not clarified either how or by whom he was brought to the country and if it will be of any cost.


Eric Toussaint is currently president of the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM), created on March 15th 1990 in Belgium. He is an adviser to the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on external debt and the creation of the Bank of the South.

The CADTM is an international institution which took part, among others, in the international Jubilee 2000 campaign, between 2001 and 2003, is involved in the preparation of the World Social Forum, whose first three editions took place in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In November 2002, through the European Social Forum, the CADTM appealed for a global demonstration against the war in Iraq.

From the Paraguayan daily paperABC Color (25th December 2008)

Translated by Stéphanie Jacquemont

ABC Digital