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Bangladesh: our sovereignity is not for sell out to IFI’s
by Equity and Justice
9 March 2009


During last couple of weeks in January 2009, there was news coverage in the country’s major print media that the representatives of WB and IMF (World Bank and International Monetary Fund) would visit Bangladesh sometime in February to support government in preparing MTBF (Mid Term Budgetary Framework) and also to advice government in the issue.. Meantime the chief of Asian Development Bank visited the country and assured government to provide so called necessary financial support (this will be off course as mostly as debt) for infrastructure development. In view of the past and as it is already reported in the news paper, as it seems the seasons of IFI (international financial institutions) missions visits Equity and Justice Working Group ( Equity BD) organized a press conference at the National Press Club and urged the government to develop pro people national budget ignoring the domination and advice of the World Bank, IMF and ADB, and off course upholding the sovereignty to take our economic decisions. Equity BD also urged the government to give emphasis of internal revenue generation, domestic production and employment creation so that government could reduce its dependency on external financial sources to in Annual Development Program.

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