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Analysis of the military deployment in Haiti following the earthquake of 12 January 2010
by Tony Rebecchi
26 January 2010

Chronological summary
- 1914 – The US marines plundered, guns in the hand, the National Bank of Haiti, and transferred the money in the coffers of the Citibank [1]
- 1915 to 1934 – The US army occupied and exploited Haiti
- 1934 to 12 January 2010 –Setting up of various puppet-governments
- 1994 to 1999 – New occupation of the country by the US army
- 2004 to 12 January 2010 – the military occupation is subcontracted out to a UN mission [2]
- 12 January 2010 – Catastrophic and destructive earthquake
- 13 January 2010, etc. – Landing of 10,000 US soldiers who take “control” of the country.

First of all, the Haitian territory has an essential geostrategic position for the United States. Indeed, the Haitian part of the island faces Cuba whose coasts are only a few miles away. But Cuba is one of the declared enemy countries of the US government [3] –for the one and only reason that the Cuban government does not bow down to the unilateral demands of the Empire, in spite of the numerous plots to assassinate Fidel Castro, the attempts of military invasion, the permanent political and media destabilization, and a painful embargo. From the point of view of the partisans of the Monroe Doctrine, for whom the US territory extends from the North Pole to the South Pole without any limitation, Cuba is harmful; it is a stain, an anomaly to be corrected. By any means necessary.

But, speaking about geography, Haiti is also an island, conquered land, off which the ships coming from the Panama Canal go past on their route to the US seaports. For example (and mainly), the hydrocarbon deliveries from Venezuela –the main US provider of oil– to Hampton Roads, the main US port on the Atlantic Ocean.
But, since 1999, Venezuela has been presided by Hugo Chávez. Incarnate aspiration of a wounded-with-open-veins people [4], he keeps his promises and does his best to heal the abysmal rift caused by the effects of persistent colonialism, through a fairer redistribution of the national income derived from oil exports [5]]: he instructs the people, he cures it, he feeds it, and he opposed firmly the excessive destructions caused by the US transnational firms. But for the United States of America and its government fully subordinated to the excesses of its transnationals, to damage its interests is unacceptable!

The Haitian territory is also –even if secondarily in our context– a soil and a subsoil: besides fertile soils, there are significant minerals deposits (iridium, bauxite, gold...) and, probably, the greatest oilfield of the whole occidental hemisphere. All this well kept by the US strategists for years, the Office of Mines and Energy prospecting but never exploiting [6].
But, to be interested in the deployments of the US army, is de facto to be interested in minerals and oilfields, as well as in the secret speculations.

Indeed, the ongoing conflicts involving openly -whichever way you look at it- the United States, all have various common features: of course, they are about subsoil wealths; and it must be known that the forming of petroleum is directly linked to the tectonic plates subduction. Therefore, at the boarder of a tectonic plate, there is a huge probability to find oil! And the minerals of the subsoils are more various there! It is the case for Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine and its surrounding area, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Kashmir, as well as Tibet, Iceland, all countries of the Andes, Cuba, Venezuela, and Haiti.

This 10,000 US soldiers deployment is just one more evidence for Barack « Peace » Obama’s schizophrenia. Speakperson for the transnationals which financed his campaign, he wages the wars that are very necessary for the US economy, following the line of his predecessors according to a method similar to Henry Kissinger’s.
This demonstration of strength is one more time showing up the psychopathic temper of a little group of people who do the worst things without any restriction, and who believe that nobody will never stop them. How they’re wrong!

On the big global chessboard, the mighty destroyers of the world, despising too much the pawns they just take as cannon fodder, would almost forget the pawns are human beings, beings gifted with intelligence, beings yearning for happiness and their fair right to live. Thus, keeping our freedom, of thoughts, speeches, and actions, the terrifying manipulations of the killers in uniform won’t pass.

Footnotes :

[1Today Citigroup

[2UNSMIH, mainly composed of Brazilian policemen who train to curb the favelas

[3On the list of countries accused to support terrorism

[4Reference to Eduardo Galeano’s book, Open veins of Latin America

[5Cf. Belgian journalist Michel Collon’s The 7 sins of Hugo Chavez for a complete analysis of the regime [in French

[6President Clinton had for example threatened to bomb the mining zones if the country reopened them.

Tony Rebecchi