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International Press Release
Loss of Hugo Chavez
6 March 2013

As coordination unit for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt - Abya Yala Our America CADTM AYNA - social organisation struggling against the illegitimate debt that Northern countries have imposed on the peoples of the South - we express our profound sorrow at the death of Commander President HUGO RAFAEL CHAVEZ FRIAS. We grieve over the loss of a key revolutionary in the struggle to emancipate the peoples.

On behalf of the regional coordination team for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt - CADTM AYNA – in addition to our sorrow, we also express our support for, and our solidarity, with the sovereign people of our sister Republic of Venezuela that now has, in its hands, the revolutionary banner of the Bolivarian process that must be defended until the victory of Commander Chavez’s legacy is achieved.

We stand resolutely committed with the Bolivarian people of Venezuela to continue to build the revolutionary and democratic process that is being strengthened in Latin America. Today, more than ever, we need to be vigilant to prevent right-wing Venezuelan extremists and the international bourgeoisie from derailing the democratic process that the Venezuelan people launched in 1999.

Coordination team for Latin America and the Caribbean



Abya Yala Nuestra América
Abya Yala is the name given by the Kuna Indians of Panama and Colombia to the American continent before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans. The expression “Abya Yala” means “land in its full maturity” in the language of the Kunas. The indigenous Aymara leader of Bolivia Takir Mamani proposed that all indigenous peoples of the Americas should name their homelands by this name, and use this name in their documents and oral declarations, arguing that “to place foreign names on our cities, towns and continents is to subjugate our identity to the will of our invaders and their heirs.” Abya Yala was chosen in 1992 by the indigenous nations of America to name America instead of Amerigo Vespucci.