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Global Assembly of CADTM united in its struggles
by CADTM International
11 June 2013

19, 20, 21, 22 May 2013

CADTM Belgium and ATTAC-CADTM Morocco

The spring colloquium of ATTAC-CADTM Morocco, which was held in Bouznika (between Rabat and Casablanca), was followed by the Global Assembly of the CADTM International network (AMR).

More than sixty participants came together for this occasion, an important event in which representatives from 21 countries took part: Argentina, Benin, Belgium, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Colombia, Congo Brazzaville, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Togo, Uruguay, and Venezuela. No representatives from Asia (India, Japan, and Pakistan) could be present nor could the representatives of Haiti, Guinea Conakry, Mauritania, Greece or those invited from Egypt. Two organisations sent observers: ATTAC Spain and ELA a Basque country trade union. The plenary assemblies were conducted in three languages (Arabic, Spanish and French) thanks to the efforts of the interpreters.

Needless to say, in such a gathering the atmosphere was heart warming. The breaks and certain important decisions were accompanied by dances, activist songs or skits. The African delegation was dynamic and moderated the assemblies with discernment and enthusiasm.
The first evening was festive with two Moroccan activist rappers. Their recent imprisonment for having sung their about their political involvement and ideas had not weakened their energy or will for change.

The Global Assembly enabled numerous discussions to take place (formal and informal) and reports to be made on the situations in countries where the CADTM is present. The colloquium was launched by Eric Toussaint (CADTM Belgium)who summarised the international situation and the action of CADTM from 2009 to 2013, followed by a presentation by ’Omar Aziki (ATTAC-CADTM Morocco) of the Moroccan, and more largely North African and Middle Eastern political situation. [1]

The agenda was packed: in addition to defining the direction of the network, the question of creating a twin hub International secretariat was also discussed (this responsibility is currently managed solely by CADTM Belgium), as well as the creation of an International Council to coordinate the three continental structures (Africa, Ayna – Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe), and Asia, which does not have a continental coordination unit.

CADTM a resolutely feminist network

The CADTM network has reaffirmed its feminist engagement and has put the question at the heart of its preoccupations, as much in the way it functions (equality at all levels) as in its actions and demands.
The CADTM feminist coordination unit held several meetings to better understand the links between the different current struggles, debt, and the condition of women, and to exchange news and views. During the global assembly, feminism really weighed on the discussions and occupied an important place in the debates and in the decision making.

The women of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco reported on the struggles of women in Ouarzazate, whom they support and of the victories against the micro-credit institutions. They obtained support from the entire network.

The report on the involvement of the CADTM in feminist struggles and its translation into the functioning of CADTM was presented by Christine Vanden Daelen from CADTM Belgium, Fatima Zahra El Belghiti, Rabia El Houari, and Mina Amzil of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco.

In addition, Pierre Gottiniaux presented a discussion on the CADTM’s means of communication, the website, visual identity, e-bulletins in three languages (distribution in French 25255, in Spanish 8668, and in English 2596), and the internal liaison bulletin.

CADTM presence on the different continents

William Gaviria for Latin America and the Caribbean, Issa Aboubacar for Africa, and Myriam Bourgy for Europe summarised, before the Global assembly, the work done by the different continental meetings and assemblies ahead of the CADTM Global Assembly.
Pauline Imbach then presented the state of the network on the basis of the replies to the questionnaire that each organisation completed before coming to the assembly.

Creation of a twin hub International Secretariat composed of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco and CADTM Belgium

The first motion that was proposed, and unanimously accepted by the organisations represented, concerned the separation of the responsibilities of the International Secretariat (IS) between CADTM Belgium, which up until then had managed it solely, and ATTAC/CADTM Morocco, which, during the previous Global Assembly in 2010 announced its desire to run the IS. The political and symbolic relevance of this transfer to a southern country is an important motivating point towards its completion. The choice of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco was justified by its day to day involvement in many local struggles and in the 20th February movement, the Moroccan Arab spring movement.

Françoise Mulfinger, independent expert, was engaged in 2011 to accompany CADTM-Belgium and ATTAC/CADTM Morocco in the process of evaluating the possibility and the feasibility of this transfer. She presented an oral and written report to the Global Assembly.

From now on, ATTAC/CADTM Morocco will manage the tasks of relations with the World Social Forum process, the Social Movements Assembly, and different global partners; creating synergies with the Via Campesina and The World March of Women (WMW); working closely with the CADTM Africa coordination, of which ATTAC/CADTM Morocco is a member, the coordinations of CADTM Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia; developing and supporting CADTM activities in Africa, and in particular those in North Africa and the Middle East;CADTM international website in Arabic (maintenance, development, visibility and eventually the distribution of an electronic newsletter); organizing international training seminars on the debt problem, international institutions, and alternatives to the crisis of patriarchal and over-productive capitalism (in collaboration with CADTM Belgium ; raising funds to finance the IS Morocco hub’s network activities for the IS, running an effective accountancy system of this financing and the costs involved due to this IS activity (making progress reports, safe keeping of all archives whether administrative or accountancy). CADTM Belgium will provide technical assistance to ATTAC-CADTM Morocco in view of passing over the full responsibilities. relaunching the association’s Arab language magazine along with articles that enhance analysis, the production and distribution of works on precise subjects in the Arab language, and the production and distribution of articles translated to and from Arabic and French.

CADTM Belgium will retain the following tasks: coordinating research for synergies in Europe, particularly coordinating the CADTM Europe group, of which CADTM Belgium is a member, as well as working with the coordination units in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia; managing the CADTM website, in French, Spanish, English and Portuguese; producing the CADTM magazine in French and the e-newsletters in French, Spanish and English; publications in French, Spanish and English; running international training seminaries on the debt problem, international institutions, and alternatives to the crisis of patriarchal and over-productive capitalism (in collaboration with ATTAC-CADTM Morocco); organizing the next two Global Assemblies in close collaboration with ATTAC-CADTM Morocco; raising funds to finance the IS Belgium hub’s network activities for the IS, running an effective accountancy system of this financing and the costs involved due to this IS activity (making progress reports, safe keeping of all archives whether administrative or accountancy) ; CADTM Belgium will provide technical and methodological assistance to ATTAC-CADTM Morocco.

To become effective, this decision to create a twin hub IS must be fully completed at the soonest in May 2014, and at the latest in December 2014. During this time, ATTAC/CADTM Morocco will progressively take over the management of some of the aforementioned tasks. The administrative term will be for a period of four years, and there will be an evaluation at the mid-term in 2016 at the next Global Assembly.

Creation of a CADTM International council

It was also unanimously decided during the Global Assembly, to create an International Council (IC) made up of two members from each of the following continents: Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and Asia chosen for a three year term (coordinated with the frequency of the Global Assemblies). The IS will take part in the IC meetings in order to provide the information needed to complete the mission.

The International Council is a coordinating structure of the CADTM continental networks, and in this role takes on the following tasks: coordinating the continent-wide structures of the network according to the changing regional and international political context; improving the collaboration between the network’s continental structures on the basis of the programs that have already been initiated; stimulating the main activities of the CADTM network according to the changing regional and international political context; monitoring the work of the twin hub International Secretariat; organising the Global Assemblies; following up on the decisions taken at the Global Assemblies.
Following from the decisions to create a twin hub International Secretariat and an International Council, the Global Assembly modified the Technical Charter.

A network of solidarities

The Global Assembly voted the adhesion of the Cameroon Debt Platform to the network.
The Assembly also voted to condemn imperialist and neocolonial intentions in Mali, expressed concerns over the situation and its evolution in the Congo Democratic Republic, proclaimed its solidarity with Moroccan political prisoners and its determination to continue the international campaign for the renewal of the administrative recognition of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco.
These few days were very busy and many decisions were made. Fortunately, the premises were only a few meters from Bouznika beach, which gave participants a chance to relax between the long meetings. Ten minutes in the water and participants could concentrate again on the important debates and discussions.

The next Global Assembly will take place in 2016...
In the meantime, on with the combat!

Translation Mike Krolikowski and Charles La Via

CADTM International