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Actions days in October

In October, marches from all over Europe gather in Brussels. Our goal: Surround the EU Council Summit, debate and demonstrate. JOIN US!

For the european marches (from Gibraltar to Brussels) —> http://euromarchas2015.net

For the NO-TTIP camp (from 13th of October) —> https://campnottip.noblogs.org/

For the european conference on debt (16th of October) —> https://www.facebook.com/events/855...

For the different activities planned on 15-16-17th of October —> http://www.ox15.eu

The people said Oxi! No! in Greece.

A No! to the cruel and unreasonable demands of austerity and consequent impoverishment.

Throughout Europe, hundreds of thousands were in the streets supporting the Greek people – knowing that defending the Greek struggles also means defending our rights all over Europe.

The European elites, in the name of profit Profit The positive gain yielded from a company’s activity. Net profit is profit after tax. Distributable profit is the part of the net profit which can be distributed to the shareholders. and competitiveness, destroy social justice, democracy, climate and use Europe as a playing field for their own interests. They blackmail and humiliate those who dare to resist; they rule with fear, nationalism, racist division and claim that there are no alternatives.

But we build alternatives through our various and cross-linked struggles.

Let’s develop our solidarity beyond borders, our strength in this European-wide Oxi! Basta! Enough! Let’s build another Europe now!

- Because austerity and debt impoverish us and destroy our social, labour and democratic rights;
- Because we refuse poverty and precariousness;
- Because agreements such as TTIP, CETA, TISA and ACP* strengthen the power of mutinational corporations and destroy the planet and democracy;
- Because we are committed against racism and sexism;
- Because we denounce corruption and tax havens.

Our Oxi! No! is a Yes! to equality, social and labour rights and real democracy !
A Yes! for European debt cuts !
A Yes! to climate justice and to peasant agriculture !

We march from all over Europe to Brussels, we will surround the European elites and their hidden negotiations during the EU Council Summit, we will debate and demonstrate. Come and join !

First signatories :

Europe : EuroMarchas 2015, Alter Summit, ATTAC-Europe, European Coordination Via Campesina, Blockupy, Corporate Europe Observatory, Transform Europe, CADTM Europe, Transnational Institute (TNI) Belgium : Acteurs des Temps Présents, Alliance D19-20, Mouvement Agriculture Paysanne, Belgian Anti-Poverty Network, Climate Express, Hard boven Hart, Tout Autre Chose, No Transat, MOC, Réseau Wallon de lutte contre la Pauvreté, Maison du Peuple d’Europe, Attac Wallonie Bruxelles, CNAPD, Pour (pour écrire la liberté), LEF-FGE , Vie Féminine, CGSP Wallone, Centrale Générale – FGTB , Centrale Nationale des Employés – CNE, Forum bruxellois de Lutte contre la Pauvreté, Masereelfonds, Quinoa asbl, FGTB Wallone, Union Syndicale Etudiante, Jeunes FGTB Spain Comité de organizacion de las EuroMarchas 2015 :15M, 15M Solfónica, Acción en RED ; Alianza contra la Pobreza, Anticapitalistas, ATTAC, Autoconsulta CIUDADANA, Campamento DIGNIDAD – Extremadura, Campaña NO al TTIP, CGT Confederal, Confederación Intersindical, Coordinadora ONGs Solidarias , Cristianos de Base, Cristianos por el Socialismo, Ecologistas en Acción, EQUO, FC-SM Frente Cívico, FRAVM Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos – Madrid, Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya , Intersindical Valenciana, IU Federal, Izquierda – Ezkerra (IU Nafarroa) y Batzarre, Marchas de la DIGNIDAD 22M, Marea Básica, Mundo sin Guerras y sin Violencia, PCE, Plataforma contra privatización CYII, Plataforma por una Banca Pública, PODEMOS, PROCÉS CONSTITUENT, RAP (agua pública), Recortes Cero, SAT Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores, Confederación Interdindical Galega (Galicia) France Comité français d’organisation des Marches : AC !, APEIS, Attac, CADTM, Des ponts pas des murs, Espaces Marx, Les efFRONTé-e-s, Fondation Copernic, IPAM, Marches européennes, MNCP, CNT-Solidarité ouvrière, FSU, Union syndicale Solidaires Germany : ATTAC-Deutschland, FrauenLandesarbeitsgemeinschaft in der Partei DIE LINKE (DE) Portugal Habita - Associação pelo direito à habitação e à cidade Poland : ATTAC-Poland United Kingdom Global Justice Now, Jubilee Debt Campaign, Debt Resistance UK Romania : FSIE - FEDERATIA SINDICATELOR INDEPENDENTE DIN ROMANIA Italia Altra Europa con Tsipras, IFE ITALIA/FAE - associazione femminista italiana Greece Attac-Hellas

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