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Barcelona, Spain

Developing an alternative for Europe

Europe is currently in the throes of political and economic turmoil. The EMU has been in constant crisis since 2010 and has effectively failed to deliver on its promise of convergence, stability and prosperity. The EU is under major political threat following Brexit and the rise of radical rightwing movements across several countries. Positive developments as victories of municipal candidacies of the radical left across Europe and the momentary stoppage of the advance of the far right in Austria and the Netherlands must be mentioned. However, these developments although positive have not allowed to implement the structural changes to prevent persistent unemployment, lack of growth and growing income inequality to continue to undermine both democracy and relations among nations in Europe. New ideas are required to place equality, solidarity and the collective interest Interest An amount paid in remuneration of an investment or received by a lender. Interest is calculated on the amount of the capital invested or borrowed, the duration of the operation and the rate that has been set. at the forefront.

The European Research Network on Social and Economic Policy (EReNSEP) is dedicated to research and activity focusing on Europe’s political and economic turmoil. The network’s mission is to generate ideas and to make concrete policy proposals supporting a coherent alternative economic strategy for Europe. EReNSEP is fully aware of the political, social, ecological and gender perspectives of the alternative strategy. Among its founders and coordinators are Costas Lapavitsas (former MP of Syriza and Professor of Economics at SOAS, University of London) and Heiner Flassbeck (former Deputy Minister of Finance of Germany and former director of the UNCTAD UNCTAD
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
This was established in 1964, after pressure from the developing countries, to offset the GATT effects.


To advance the work further, the Spanish/Catalan section of EReNSEP will hold a conference in Barcelona in a weekend of 16-17 June, 2017.

Participants will include EReNSEP members from several countries in Europe as well as Spanish/Catalan and European researchers, politicians, and activists from a variety of organisations. The aim is to develop concrete proposals for the Spanish economy in the context of continuing Eurozone and EU instability. Spain is a country of critical importance in view of its economic and social trajectory but also its political development, given the rise of Podemos and political forces like En Comú Podem, En Marea, and diverse municipal candidacies that have won elections across Spain as well as the persistent demand for Catalan national sovereignty. The conference intends to make a positive contribution to these debates.

Provisional programme for the conference:

The workshop sessions will take place at the new Besós Campus of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). https://eebe.upc.edu/en

The plenaries and roundtables will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA). http://www.macba.cat/en/index

Source: EReNSEP

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