11 April 2019

Cape Town, South Africa

Conference | Alternative Information & Development Centre (AIDC)

Emancipatory Visions & Building Counter Power

There is an urgent need to rethink strategies for building counter-power in a context where humanity faces a deepening multi-dimensional civilizational crisis. At the heart of the global crisis in which we find ourselves are colliding economic and ecological crises which mutually reinforce each other.

Underpinning the intensifying ecological crisis is the great depression which characterises the current state of the global economy which shows no signs of abating. Compound growth under the conditions of intense competition has pushed capitalism to breach key planetary boundaries destroying vital eco-systems and placing life under threat. With the growth of the system, capitalism’s limitless expansion led to the expropriation of nature as a mere adjunct to capital, giving rise to enormous unforeseen consequences, and on an increasingly global scale.

At the centre of the current economic crisis is a build-up of unprecedented and unsustainable levels of indebtedness at state, corporate and household levels. This levels of indebtedness has empowered a few transnational banks and financial institutions which have become the new rulers of the world, whilst simultaneously creating great turmoil and volatility leading several commentators to predict a new financial crisis.

At the same time there is resistance and struggle everywhere. Every act of resistance contains the seeds of a potential counterpower which can be the basis of an emancipatory alternative. Resistances alone are insufficient, however, resistance enveloped in solidarity and alternative perspectives and strategies provides the fertile soil for building counter-power and the development of a new emancipatory alternatives.

This one day conference provides an opportunity to engage in critical debates on strategies for a new left politics. We will explore perspectives on eco-socialism, ecofeminism, heterodox economic alternatives and strategies for rebuilding mass democratic movements.

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