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Irish campaigners support Europe-wide protests against austerity in run-up to EU Summit, reject claims of Irish ‘success story’

14 March 2013 by Anglo: Not Our Debt Campaign

Press release, 13 March 2013:
Issued by: Anglo: Not Our Debt Campaign
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The EU Summit taking place in Brussels this Thursday, 14th March, is set to increase poverty and inequality within Ireland and across the EU, according to campaigners. ‘For a European Spring’ – a coalition of movements from 13 countries, including Ireland – are registering their opposition to the EU approach to the Eurocrisis, including through a big demonstration in Brussels on the 14th.

The Anglo: Not Our Debt campaign – a coalition of Irish NGOs, community groups, trade unions, faith-based and other organisations – has backed the Europe-wide campaign and is calling on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to stop claiming that Ireland is a ‘success story’.

Campaign spokesperson Niamh McCrea said “Taoiseach Enda Kenny should convey to the Summit the reality of debt and austerity being experienced here. The harsh impacts of debt and austerity have been further locked in by the recent ‘deal’ on the promissory notes which did not write down the illegitimate Anglo debt but merely stretched the payments out into the future.”

Ms McCrea also referred to the recent ‘Globalisation Index’, published by Ernst & Young, that found Ireland to be the third most globalised country because of what the researchers called Ireland’s “outstanding performances in the movement of capital and finance and in cultural integration”.

She said, “Ireland has been moving finance out of the country in dizzying quantities and at record breaking speed in order to pay off the gambling debts of speculators who lent to Anglo Irish Bank and its ilk – that is why we are so ‘globalised.’”

Also speaking on behalf of the campaign, Marie Moran said that the “cultural integration” with the rest of the world referred to in the Globalisation Index was rising due to “tens of thousands of people being forced to emigrate because of the repayment of illegitimate debt and associated austerity – it’s not integration, it’s emigration”.

The campaign group pointed to the irony of the fact that the Globalisation Index was compiled by Ernst and Young, which is being sued by the Irish state for its auditing of Anglo Irish Bank’s accounts.


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