List of signatories of the Manifesto for a new popular internationalism in Europe

2 April 2020 by ReCommons Europe

Today, 2nd of April 2020, we publish again the list of the 160 first signatories of the Manifesto for a new popular internationalism in Europe, which was publicly presented in March 2019.

In the current context of the Covid-19 epidemic, we think it is more than ever important to push the search and debate of alternatives to the system we currently live in. In the face of the policy that defends the interests of capital, this manifesto aims to propose an emergency program “that a popular left government would need to follow in its first year of office in order to provide immediate responses to the social and ecological emergencies, and defeat the inevitable resistance by conservative forces and the institutions which represent them”.
This also concerns the need for an effective and fair health policy, which responds only to the interests and needs of the majority, but which does not forget that this policy will have to be part of a broader package.

Finally, the re-publication of this manifesto allows us to introduce a second strand of ReCommonsEurope’s work concerning entitled “The impact on the South of European financial policies and development cooperation strategies and possible alternatives”. This work concerns the following areas: the indebtedness of the countries of the South vis-à-vis the countries of the North, free trade agreements, migration and border management policies, militarism, the arms trade and the wars, and reparation policies regarding the spoliation of cultural goods. We will publish each of these axes as separate chapters in the coming weeks.

First signatories:

Christian Zeller (Professor of Economic Geography, active in Aufbruch für eine ökosozialistische Alternative, Austria)
Anne-Marie Andrusyszyn (director of CEPAG, Belgium)
France Arets (feminist and antiracist activist, promoter of migrants rights, Belgium)
Eva Betavazi (CADTM, Belgium and Cyprus)
Olivier Bonfond (economist at CEPAG, Belgium)
Camille Bruneau (feminist, CADTM Belgium)
Juliette Charlier (CADTM Belgium)
Tina D’angelantonio (CADTM Belgium)
Virginie de Romanet (CADTM Belgium)
Jean-Claude Deroubaix (sociologist, Belgium)
Ouardia Derriche (Belgium)
Grégory Dolcimascolo (ACiDE, Belgium)
Anne Dufresne (sociologist, GRESEA, Belgium)
Chiara Filoni (CADTM, Belgium and Italy)
Corinne Gobin (political scientist, Belgium)
Gilles Grégoire (activist in ACiDe - Citizen Debt Audit,- CADTM Belgium)
Giulia Heredia (CADTM, Belgium)
Nathan Legrand (CADTM, Belgium)
Monique Lermusiaux (retired trade union activist, Belgium)
Rosario Marmol-Perez (trade union activist FGTB, artist, Belgium)
Herman Michiel (editor of the website Ander Europa, Belgium and the Netherlands)
Alice Minette (trade union activist, CADTM Belgium)
Christine Pagnoulle (University of Liège, ATTAC, CADTM, Belgium)
Adrien Péroches (activist, CADTM Brussels, ACiDe Brussels, Belgium)
Madeleine Ploumhans (ACiDe, CADTM Liège, Belgium)
Brigitte Ponet (social worker, CADTM Belgium)
Daniel Richard (regional secretary of the inter-branch union FGTB Verviers, Belgium)
Christian Savestre (Attac Bruxelles 2, RJF, ACiDe, Belgium)
Éric Toussaint (political scientist, economist, spokesperson for the CADTM international network, Belgium)
Felipe Van Keirsbilck (general secretary of the Centrale Nationale des Employés (CNE), Belgium)
Christine Vanden Daelen (feminist, CADTM Belgium)
Magali Verdier (feminist activist, Belgium)
Roxane Zadvat (actor, Théâtre Croquemitaine, CADTM Belgium)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Selma Asotić (poet, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Danijela Majstorović (University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Svjetlana Nedimovic (activist, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Tijana Okic (philosopher, political activist, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Dimitrije Birač (coordinator of the Croatian Center for Workers’ Solidarity, Croatia)
Stefan Gužvica (historian and organizer, Croatia/Serbia)
Stavros Tombazos (economist, Cyprus)
Poya Pakzad (economic policy advisor, Enhedslisten (Red-Green Alliance), Denmark)
Marion Alcaraz (NPA, Le temps des Lilas, France)
Olivier Besancenot (former speaker of the NPA, France)
Martine Boudet (coordinator of the inter-associative book Urgence antiraciste -Pour une démocratie inclusive, Le Croquant, 2017, France)
Myriam Bourgy (farmer, CADTM, France)
M. Sofia Brey (writer, former official of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, France)
Vicki Briault Manus (PCF, CADTM France)
François Chesnais (economist, professor emeritus at the University of Paris 13, France)
Jeanne Chevalier (candidate in the 2019 European elections for France insoumise)
Annick Coupé (trade unionist, ATTAC France)
Léon Crémieux (retired trade unionist in the air transport, NPA, France)
Alexis Cukier (philosopher, Ensemble!, EReNSEP, France)
Véronique Danet-Dupuis (banking executive, trade union delegate in defence of the workers, co-responsible for France Insoumise’s programme on banks, France)
Penelope Duggan (International Viewpoint, France)
Pascal Franchet (president of CADTM France)
Isabelle Garo (philosopher, France)
Norbert Holcblat (economist, NPA, France)
Michel Husson (economist, France)
Pauline Imbach (baker, CADTM Grenoble, France)
Pierre Khalfa (Fondation Copernic, France)
Yvette Krolikowski (CADTM France)
Michael Löwy (sociologist, France)
Laurence Lyonnais (Ensemble Insoumis, ecosocialist, candidate in the 2019 European elections for France insoumise)
Jan Malewski (journalist, Inprecor journal, France)
Myriam Martin (porte-parole de Ensemble!, France)
Christiane Marty (engineer, Fondation Copernic, France)
Gustave Massiah (economist, altermondialist, France)
Corinne Morel Darleux (ecosocialist author and activist, France)
Ugo Palheta (sociologist, NPA, Contretemps, France)
Gilles Perret (codirector of the film “J’veux du soleil”, France)
Mireille Perrier (actress and director, France)
Dominique Plihon (economist, ATTAC France)
Laura Raïm (journalist, France)
Marlène Rosato (Ensemble!, EReNSEP, France)
Pierre Rousset (ESSF, France)
Catherine Samary (economist, ATTAC France, NPA, France)
Mariana Sanchez (trade unionist, France)
Patrick Saurin (CADTM France)
Alejandro Teitelbaum (lawyer in international human rights law, France)
Aurélie Trouvé (economist, ATTAC France)
Sophie Zafari (trade unonist FSU, France)
Roseline Vachetta (ex member of European Parliament, international solidarity activist, NPA, France)
Angela Klein (SoZ journal, Germany)
Jakob Schäfer (activist of the trade unionist Left, Germany
Marie-Laure Coulmin (CADTM, Greece)
Katerina Giannoulia (member of the General Council of ADEDY - general union for the public service,- member of Popular Unity, Greece)
Stathis Kouvelakis (philosopher, EReNSEP, Grèce et Royaume-Uni)
Costas Lapavitsas (economist, SOAS – University of London, EReNSEP, Greece and United Kingdom)
Moisis Litsis (journalist, Greece)
Sotiris Martalis (DEA, Greece)
Sonia Mitralias (feminist, CADTM, Greece)
Giorgos Mitralias (journalist, Greece)
Antonis Ntavanelos (DEA, Greece)
Spyros Marchetos (historian, School of Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
Judit Morva (economist, activist, Hungary
Brid Brennan (political analyst, activist, Ireland)
Andy Storey (School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin, Ireland)
Marta Autore (Communia Network, Italy)
Fabrizio Burattini (trade unionist Unione Sindacale di Base, Italy)
Eliana Como (member of the national leadership of CGIL, Italy)
Gippò Mukendi Ngandu (teacher, Sinistra Anticapitalista, Italy)
Cristina Quintavalla (ATTAC-CADTM Italy)
Justin Turpel (former MP déi Lénk – la Gauche, Luxembourg)
David Wagner (MP déi Lénk – la Gauche, Luxembourg)
Willem Bos (SAP-Grenzeloos, the Netherlands)
Maral Jefroudi (co-director of IIRE, the Netherlands)
Katarzyna Bielińska (philosopher and political scientist, Poland)
Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski (researcher of social movements, Poland)
Stefan Zgliczyński (director of the Polish edition of Le Monde diplomatique, Poland)
Francisco Louça (economist, Bloco de Esquerda, Portugal)
Rita Silva (Habita activist - Colectivo pelo Direito in Habitação and Cidade and university researcher, Portugal)
Alda Sousa (teacher at the University of Porto, Bloco de Esquerda, former MEP (2012-2014), Portugal)
Rui Viana Pereira (translator, sound designer, CADTM, Portugal)
Andreja Zivkovic (sociologist, Marks21, Serbia)
Ana Podvrsic (sociologist, economist, Slovenia)
Spanish state
Walter Actis (member of Ecologistas en Accion, Spanish state)
Daniel Albarracin (economist, Podemos, Spanish state)
Yago Alvarez (journalist, activist in the PACD, Spanish state)
Cari Baena, Fundación Socialismo Sin Fronteras, Spanish State
Alfons Bech, union member at CCOO, Catalonia, Spanish State
Joana Bregolat (member of Desbordem, activist in Anticapitalistas, Catalonia - Spanish state)
José Cabayol Virallonga (president of SICOM (Solidaritat i Comunicació), journalist, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Laura Camargo (teacher, member of the Permanent Council of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands, activist in Anticapitalistas, Spanish State)
Laura Camargo (teacher, member of the Permanent Deputation of the Balearic Parliament, member of the Anticapitalistas, Spanish State)
Raúl Camargo (MP in the Assembly of Madrid, activist in Anticapitalistas, Spanish state)
Pablo Cotarelo (EReNSEP, Spanish state)
Sergi Cutillas (EReNSEP, CADTM, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Josu Egireun (Viento Sur journal, Spanish state)
Laia Facet (Anticapitalistas, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Sònia Farré (activist, former MP for En Comú Podem, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Ignacio Fernández del Páramo (architect-urbanist, advisor on urbanism and environment for the city council of Oviedo, member of Somos Oviedo-Uvieu, Asturias - Spanish state)
Iolanda Fresnillo (sociologist, PACD, Spanish state)
Ricardo García Zaldívar (economist, former coordinator of ATTAC Spain)
María Gómez Garrido (sociology professor, University of the Balearic Islands, Anticapitalistas, Spanish state)
Laura Gonzalez De Txabarri (ELA Emergency Liquidity Assistance
Emergency funds loaned to the private banks by the Eurozone central banks.
trade union, Basque country - Spanish state)
Anna Gabriel (former MP of the Parliament of Catalonia, currently exiled in Switzerland, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Joana Garcia Grenzner (journalist specialised in gender and communication, feminist activist, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Yayo Herero (anthropologist, ecofeminist, member of Ecologistas en Acción, Spanish state)
Cuca Hernández (coordinator of ATTAC Spain)
Juan Hernández Zubizarreta (university professor, member of the Observatorio de Multinacionales en América Latina (OMAL), Basque country - Spanish state)
Petxo Idoiaga (Hitz&Hitz Foundation, Viento Sur journal, Spanish state)
Joxe Iriarte “Bikila” (Social activist, writer and member of Alternativa- EHBIldu, Basque Country)
José L. Gómez del Prado (University of Barcelona, Center of international studies - diplomatic school of Barcelona, AEDIDH, Spanish state)
Janire Landaluze (ELA trade union, Basque country – Spanish state)
Monique Lermusiaux (retired trade union activist, Belgium)
Mats Lucia Bayer (CADTM, Spanish state)
Fátima Martín (journalist, CADTM, Spanish state)
Francesc Matas, La Aurora (marxist organization), Spanish State
Alex Merlo (parliamentary assistant of Miguel Urban Crespo (MEP, Podemos), Spanish state)
Anna Monjo (publisher, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Natalia Munevar (activist, PACD, parliamentary assistant of Miguel Urban Crespo (MEP, Podemos), Spanish state)
Mikel Noval (ELA, Basque country - Spanish state)
Jaime Pastor (editor of Viento Sur, Spanish state)
Laura Pérez Ruano (professor and lawyer, MP for Orain Bai-Ahora Sí, Navarre - Spanish state)
Griselda Piñero Delledonne (CADTM, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Eulalia Reguant (member of the national secretariat of the CUP, former MP and town councillor, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Jorge Riechmann (philosopher, writer, Ecologistas en Acción, Spanish state)
Rubén Rosón (doctor, advisor on economy and employment for the city council of Oviedo, member of Somos Oviedo-Uvieu, Asturias - Spanish state)
Sol Sánchez (co-speaker for Izquierda Unida Madrid, Spanish State)
Carlos Sánchez Mato (responsible for the economic policies for Izquierda Unida, Spanish state)
Ana Taboada Coma (lawyer, vice mayor of Oviedo, spokesperson of Somos Oviedo-Uvieu, Asturias - Spanish state)
Aina Tella (coordinator for the international relations for the CUP, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Mónica Vargas Collazos (anthropologist, activist, Bolivie et Catalonia - Spanish state)
Lucía Vicent (professor of economics at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spanish state)
Esther Vivas (journalist, Catalonia - Spanish state)
Jean Batou (professor of contemporary history, MP, solidaritéS, Switzerland)
Marianne Ebel (former MP solidaritéS, vice president of the World March of Women Switzerland)
Sébastien Guex (professor at the University of Lausanne, solidaritéS, Switzerland)
Stéfanie PREZIOSO (professor of international history at the University of Lausanne, solidaritéS, Switzerland)
Beatrice Schmid (teacher, Switzerland)
Juan Tortosa (CADTM Switzerland)
Charles-André Udry (economist, director of the website and of the publishing house Page 2, Switzerland)
United Kingdom
Gilbert Achcar (professor at the SOAS – University of London, United Kingdom)
Terry Conway (Resistance Books, United Kingdom)
Fanny Malinen (researcher, activist, United Kingdom)
Michael Roberts (financial economist, United Kingdom)
Grace Blakeley (New Statesman’s economics commentator, United Kingdom)




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