Video: Somnambulism: Debt Zombies

15 February 2016 by ODG (Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización)

#Somnambulism shows us how debt is devouring our societies, affecting our physical and psychological conditions and breaking our communty by imposing an illegitimate and unsustainble burden. From low income countries indebted with rich countries, to families or students not able to pay their loans, debt is a problem that affects us all across the board. Join us in our struggle against Debt.

A Film by Fresca Films and ODG.
Somnambulism is the sensation of the moment, a movie based on a true story. It tells of a strange epidemic that is sweeping the world. Its symptoms are fear and obsession fight through work without stopping thinking, never stopping to rest in order to meet the payments, with duty, with debt. An epidemic makes up in our dreams we get up to do as we are told: go to pay our creditors, sacrifice on the altar of debt. We are sleepwalkers debt.

Fuente : ODG

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