18 March 2018

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

World Social Forum

Open Letter convenes WSF 2018 in Salvador

The Brazilian Committee of the World Social Forum launched an Open Letter in São Paulo on Friday, August 18, to convene the people, organizations, social movements, networks and platforms of movements in Brazil, Latin America and the World to join the construction of the next world edition of the forum, which will be held in Salvador, Bahia, from March 13 to 17, 2018.

The proposal of this forum, in the midst of so many setbacks, loss of rights, democratic guarantees Guarantees Acts that provide a creditor with security in complement to the debtor’s commitment. A distinction is made between real guarantees (lien, pledge, mortgage, prior charge) and personal guarantees (surety, aval, letter of intent, independent guarantee). and freedoms throughout the world, is to think of common solutions for humanity, in a solidarity, democratic perspective, respect for diversity, to face the causes of various forms of violence, social and regional inequalities.

The Open Letter emphasizes that in Brazil and Bahia, in particular, resistance has increased in recent months, in an attempt to respond to conservative attacks.

Democratic and popular forces have been revaluating their strategies in the latest historical period, reassessing mistakes, achievements and necessary corrections. Therefore, an edition of the WSF in Salvador will be an important opportunity to meet the various experiences of resistance and proposals to face authoritarian thinking in Brazil and in the World.

The motto of WSF 2018 is to Resist is to Create, to Resist is to Transform pointing to the need for alternatives for another possible world.

The systems that rule the world have not worked for the people nor the planet. That is why the International Council of the WSF and the Facilitating Committee in Brazil CALL on everyone to join the construction of the 2018 World Social Forum;

March 13-17, 2018. In Salvador, Bahia

Replies should be sent to: forumsocialmundial at fsm2018.org or through the website www.fsm2018.org. Please let us know your name and organization in your reply to this WSF call. Download the open letter here: https://goo.gl/ui7s5R

Information: imprensa at fsm2018.org

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