In the context of the CADTM network’s Global Assembly held in Tunis

CADTM AYNA appeals to the Venezuelan government to set up a Citizens’ Debt Audit and offers its support

12 May 2016 by CADTM AYNA

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Tunis, 30th April 2016 - An appeal to facilitate implementation of a Public Citizens’ Debt Audit and to guarantee transparency in public funds was approved by the Latin-American continental meeting of the Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debts (Abya Yala - Our Americas), and this was presented to the Global Assembly of the CADTM network, which includes anti-debt civil society organisations from various countries in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

The South American resolution was presented to the delegates and warmly received in the final sessions of the assembly. A delegation from the Red Venezolana Contra las Deudas (Venezuelan Network against Debts), the Venezuelan chapter of CADTM, was present at the global event, along with delegations from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and Haiti, and participants from other parts of the world. The event was also attended by delegates from North Africa (Tunisia and Morocco), Senegal, Niger, Congo, the Central African Republic, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo. Groups from India, Pakistan and Japan also participated. Europe was represented by Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Luxembourg.

The event dealt with the question of debt as a system of capitalist exploitation and pillaging of countries, and the interrelated subjects of gender, defending the environment against extractivism and other areas linked to the impact of economic and financial practices on the life of peoples and their rights.

The Global Assembly of the network, initially scheduled to be held in Morocco, had to be moved to Tunisia as it was banned by the government of the Moroccan monarchy.

The text of the appeal issued about Venezuela includes an offer for CADTM experts to help with the debt audits carried out in Ecuador and Greece, among other significant activities in which the international network is involved.

The text of the resolution on Venezuela is shown below:

The Committee for Abolition of Illegitimate Debts (CADTM) in South America, Latin America and the Caribbean (CADTM/AYNA), in the context of the Global Assembly of the network, held in Tunisia 26 to 30 April 2016, due to:

  • - its concern with the economic, social and political situation in Venezuela, and the pressure applied by capitalist and imperialist interests on the Bolivarian revolution...
  • - the weight of (external and domestic) public debt on the availability of resources in the country to meet the needs of the nation and the population amid the current crisis...
  • - the statement made by Hugo Chavez at the 2006 World Social Forum (Caracas) in support of a debt audit...
  • - the requests made by the Plataforma para la Auditoría Pública y Ciudadana (Platform for Public and Citizens Debt Audits) and as part of this body the Venezuelan chapter of CADTM, “to investigate, detect and carry out actions to stop embezzlement, capital flight and payment of illegitimate debts and to face up to corruption” (a request made before the Republican Moral Council, 15/10/2015 and rejected)...


To appeal to the government of President Nicolas Maduro and to the Venezuelan state to carry out all actions that will:

  • - Guarantee maximum transparency and supply of information on public accounts...
  • - Ensure a positive reception for the Public Citizens’ Audit and provision of all the facilities for this expression of people power...

CADTM supports these ideas and initiatives and requests that the government should cooperate fully. To this end, in international solidarity, we would like to offer the expertise and support of CADTM, with its experience of participation in debt audits in Ecuador and Greece, promotion of the citizens’ debt audit and popular consultation in Brazil and other countries, and setting up debt tribunals in countries, regions and continents, and various other initiatives.

We send warm regards in solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution and the Venezuelan people.

Tunis, 30 April 2016

Translated from spanish by Joel Lopez-Ferreiro

Source: Aporrea


Abya Yala Nuestra América
Abya Yala is the name given by the Kuna Indians of Panama and Colombia to the American continent before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans. The expression “Abya Yala” means “land in its full maturity” in the language of the Kunas. The indigenous Aymara leader of Bolivia Takir Mamani proposed that all indigenous peoples of the Americas should name their homelands by this name, and use this name in their documents and oral declarations, arguing that “to place foreign names on our cities, towns and continents is to subjugate our identity to the will of our invaders and their heirs.” Abya Yala was chosen in 1992 by the indigenous nations of America to name America instead of Amerigo Vespucci.




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