Committee on Family Law and Consensus Joint Custody

The committee gathers 24 Greek feminist organizations : Network for Combating Violence against, Greek Delegation of European Women’s Lobby Represents 50 Women’s Organizations nationwide-, Greek Network for the FeministStrike, Greek Network of Women of Europe, Women of Greece’s Union (EGE), Greek Lawyers’ Union, European Network Against Violence (EDkV), Center for Research and Action for Peace (KEDE), Democratic Women’s Movement, Greek Scientists Association (SEE), Women’s Rights Association « ΤΟMOV », Christian Youth Association(HEN) of Greece, Piraeus Women’s Initiative, Women’s Group of the Association of Social and Cultural Intervention “Thryallis”, Association of Mothers, “MOTHER’S WORK”, Association of Greek Engineers Graduates, Women’s Solidarity Space–Women’s Initiative Against Debt and Authority Measures-Thessaloniki, Women’s Rights Group “Social Intervention in the West”, Association of Albanian Women in Greece, Moms Against Compulsory Joint Custody, Women’s Self-Defense Team, NIMERTIS ACTIONART NPID, Feminist Collectivity “THEODORA”, Single Moms Unite