For a sovereign Honduras

4 July 2009

To the organizations of La Via Campesina and other organisations worldwide.

Because of the situation in Honduras, which you will already be aware
of: the coup d’etat in the early hours of the morning of 28th June,
we are once again calling on all Social Organizations in all countries,
and especially on the members of Via Campesina, to coordinate in their
countries to denounce, reject and condemn this coup.

The information we are receiving from Honduras, is that people are
continuing to mobilize, and that many people, including leaders of
CLOC/Via Campesina in that country are suffering persecution and orders
have been issued for their capture. That is why we are calling for this

Mobilize at the embassies in every country and keep us informed of the

Saturday 4th July will be the day that President Zelaya will return to
Honduras accompanied by a number of presidents, international
institutions and social movements. Together with this delegation there
will be a committee from LVC with representatives from Europe, North
America, South America and Central America. At the same time we will be
mobilizing in solidarity.

La Via Campesina Internacional.

To contact la Via Campesina in Honduras: laviacampesina at
News updates:

Below is a release from the front for resistance in Honduras, for
more information

 Organize to break the media siege

To the national and international community we communicate:

1- That we denounce the fact that in the early hours of the morning on
28th June 2009 a brutal and inhumane military coup was perpetrated
against the legally constituted Government of Manuel Zelaya Rosales,
President of the Republic of Honduras.

2- That it is not true that President Manuel Zelaya Rosales and his
Cabinet have renounced their positions, and argument used by the
National Congress to smear them, to make President Zelaya’s dismissal
official and to install Roberto Micheletti Baín in his place.

3- That the Honduran people and the international community only
recognize Manuel Zelaya Rosales as the current and only President of the
Republic of Honduras.

4- That we have organized the Popular Resistance Front, permanently and
at a national level, coordinating with all the municipalities in the
country, to create active and peaceful resistance in order to restore
constitutional order and respect for human rights.

5- That the perpetrators of the coup have created a climate of
insecurity, menace, capture and terror, that threatens the lives of the
Honduran people and of all of us men and women who have demonstrated in
favour of participatory democracy.

6- We call for the solidarity of the national and international
community to re-establish constitutional rights and the sovereignty of
the Honduran people.

7- That we should reject with dignity and esteem the siege of rumours and
lies with which powerful groups and the perpetrators of the coup are
trying to paralyze the popular will for democracy.

8- We call on the entire population to remain alert and to peacefully
occupy all the public spaces available to us, including the area around
the Presidential Palace in Tegucigalpa, symbol of legally constituted

Tegucigalpa, 28th June 2009

Popular Resistance Front



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