Hellenic Parliament’s Debt Truth Committee: Presentation of the Preliminary Findings

Press Release

16 June 2015 by Truth Committee on the Greek Public Debt

The Hellenic Parliament’s Debt Truth Committee will announce on 17-18 June 2015 the preliminary findings of its works, examining the legality and sustainability of the Greek public debt.

The Committee’s works will begin on Wednesday, 17 June 2015 (10:30am)), at the Senate Hall of the Parliament. The opening session will be addressed by

Mrs. Zoe Konstantopoulou, President of the Hellenic Parliament

Mrs. Sofia Sakorafa, Member of the European Parliament

Dr. Eric Toussaint, Debt Truth Committee Scientific Coordinator

Other state officials and guests from Greece and abroad

at the presence of Prime Minister, Mr. Alexis Tsipras.

A summary of the preliminary findings will be presented at the opening session, while a detailed presentation of the report, chapter by chapter, by members of the Debt Truth Committee will follow.

The works of the Committee will continue on Thursday morning at 10:30 and conclude with a press conference, which will be held at the Hellenic Parliament Lounge (“Entefktirio”) at 16:00.

The works will be open for the media, while interpretation will be available for foreign press correspondents and press foreign guests.

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