Migrants, debt and propaganda

3 July 2019 by CADTM Italy

Solidarity Sit-in for Sea Watch 3 in Sulmona (photo by Collettivo Studentesco Sulmona)

As regards the docking of the Sea Watch 3 ship, a heated debate is rising in Italy, which could not but involve organizations also dealing with economics, finance and debt.

In these days we are witnessing the representation of a dramatic , tragic and aberrant propaganda, whose aim is using the stories of people in trouble and at risk of life, in order to divert attention from the real Italian problems.

What are the actual effects of migratory fluxes on our national economy? Are we sure that our economy would be stronger if it were free from the migrants’ “burden”? Do we really believe that Italians would find a job more easily, or earn more? Our government should answer these crucial questions, if it wanted to understand the migratory phenomenon and destroy the false miths that are twisting the Italian political debate.

Our contribution as CADTM Italy (Committee for the abolition of illegitimate debts) is to save human lives by facing the knots of a financial system that creates the real (passive) interests of Italian people, the ones on our public debt. The interests on debt of the “yellow-green” Government, according to our DEF (Financial and Economics Document) that we are going to pay in the next four years, are:

for the year 2019, 63.984 million euros (3,6% of our Gross Domestic Product GDP
Gross Domestic Product
Gross Domestic Product is an aggregate measure of total production within a given territory equal to the sum of the gross values added. The measure is notoriously incomplete; for example it does not take into account any activity that does not enter into a commercial exchange. The GDP takes into account both the production of goods and the production of services. Economic growth is defined as the variation of the GDP from one period to another.
for the year 2020, 65.983 million euros (3,6& of GDP),
for the year 2021 68.659 million euros (3.7 of GDP);
for the year 2022, 73.739 million euros (3.9 of GDP).

If we have to choose between those who dig in behind unjust laws and those who risk their freedom in defence of human rights we obviously stand with the latter

The debt trap will thus swallow 273 billions of interests out of a debt that will go on growing just for this reason and will make future interests bigger; they will make debt go up , and it will make future interests bigger, and so on and so on…

Ah, but of course: the real problem is to line up our soldiers to defend the sacred native soil from the arrival of 42 exhausted people. This is the power of propaganda: a smoky curtain to hide the essence which clearly defines itself in the description of the actual interests of Italian people.

Is it possible that these data will not crush the inconsistency of propaganda against migrants? We invite everyone to provide the real numbers the Italian government should face. Let’s all use our information and competences for a “Truth Operation” about the actual problems hidden by a poisonous propaganda.

If we have to choose between those who dig in behind unjust laws and those who risk their freedom, and life too, in defence of human rights, we obviously stand with the latter.

Translation by Marcella Stumpo




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