4 November 2016 > 5 November 2016

Safi, Morocco

“System change, not climate change” International conference Safi (Morocco) 4th and 5th November 2016


 Friday 04th NOVEMBER 2016 - The Capitalist Crisis and the Climate Crisis

9h-9h30: Opening remarks & Introducing the different struggles
Omar Aziki .General Secretary, ATTAC CADTM Morocco

9h30-12h: Visit to the town of Safi

14h30-16h: Round table 1 : The Climate Crisis, the Ecological Crisis and Inequalities
Chair : Rabiaa El Houari Ruth Nyambura. Ecofeminist, Kenya
Moha Tawja. Movement on the Road ’96 Imider, Morocco
Mohsen Kalboussi. An academic. Tunisia

16h30-18h Round Table 2 : The dominance of multinationals and the financial markets over the debate
Chair : Amina Amzil
Nnimmo Bassey. Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Nigeria
Firoze Manji. Daraja Press. Kenya
Salah Lemaizi. ATTAC CADTM Morocco

19h-21h: Conference : Fighting Climate Change - Their Choices and Ours
Chair : Bouchra Tounzi

Annick Coupé. ATTAC France
X de Safi
Hamza Hamouchene. War on want Algeria/UK
Kwami Kpondzo Friends of the earth,Togo
Nnimmo Bassey Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Nigeria

 SAMEDI 05 NOVEMBRE - Reflections on Experiences of Struggle

9h-11h: Workshops
- Extractivism
Mohamed Benatta. Espace solidarité et coopération de l’Oriental, Morocco
Facilitation: Larbi Hafidi

- Agriculture   
Ange Baimey (GRAIN) Ghana and Mohamed Hakech (FNSA)
Facilitation: Omar Aziki

- The question of Water
Ismail Abdelmawlah Egypt
Facilitation: Jawad Moustakbal

- Energy
Hamza Hamouchen. War on want. Algeria/UK
Facilitation: Lucile Daumas

14h30-16h: Round Table: Thinking about Alternatives and Building our Strategies
Chair : Mimoun Rahmani
Nicolas Sersiron .CADTM France
Samia Zennadi .APIC editions. Algeria
Jawad Moustakbal .ATTAC CADTM Morocco

16h30-18h: Closing Session: Omar Aziki
Synthesis & Statements in Solidarity with different Struggles


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