Why we shouldn’t pay the debt: Reasons and alternatives

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22 June 2014 by PACD

To the anonymous pyrate

Greed upon greed upon greed upon the World Bank of the open sea, heart closed to justice, blind eye resisting all light.
Death for glory and the jaundice of gold for health, in the settling of accounts between empires your prowess as thief of thieves makes port.
Transnational wolf, foul vampire sucking our blood for the First World and on the reefs of clairvoyant profits.
Mercenary of the God of Mistral, great-great grandfather of the Foreign Debt, ancestor of the IMF.

Pere Casaldàliga [1], unpublished, a small page in Todavía estas palabras.


[1Pere Casaldàliga, is a priest and practitioner of Liberation Theology, born in Balserany (Barcelona) on 16th February 1928. He turned the Prelate of São Félix do Araguaia (Mato Grosso), where he exercised as bishop, into a trench in the line of defence of the excluded, at a time when many opponents of the dictatorship ended up imprisoned, tortured or murdered. He faced military repression in Brazil and hired gunmen in the pay of the landowners. He escaped death in 1976, when the bullet intended for him took the life of the Jesuit father João Bosco Burnier. Pere Casaldàliga continues to accompany the people in the transformations imposed by globalisation and he has been a tireless warrior in the fight against the oppression of the debt wherever that oppression is experienced.


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