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28 October 2016 by World March of Women

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Declaration of the World March of Women 10th International Meeting in Maputo, Mozambique from October 11 to 15, 2016

We, the women of the World March, fight the hetero-patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism and all forms of inequality and discrimination. We demand our right to take back control of our bodies, our land and our territories.

In this chaotic world, we believe that another world is possible. Together, we work to build our feminist alternatives that reinforce our movement.

Women live in a context in which religious and political fundamentalism, the repression and criminalization of activists, persecution, assassinations, domestic and sexual violence, and military conflict affect their lives and prevent them from living in a world of peace, equality and justice. We denounce sex trafficking and the use of our bodies from an early age, and we fight for every woman’s right to an abortion.

We oppose transnationals, which destroy nature, exploit our bodies and threaten our health. Those transnationals monopolize nature and our territories and are responsible for climate change and for political, economic and environmental crises.

We are concerned by the destruction of the land and the exploitation of natural resources, and we denounce monoculture Monoculture When one crop alone is cultivated. Many countries of the South have been induced to specialize in the production of a commodity for export (cotton, coffee, cocoa, groundnuts, tobacco, etc.) to procure hard currency for debt repayments. , which impoverishes women. We are building up eco-feminism, agro-ecology and food sovereignty as alternatives for a decent life.

We pay tribute to the women who have been savagely assassinated around the world for their feminist, ecological and/or political engagement. We stand together with all women fighting for their territories, their self-determination and their freedom.

We include all defenders of land who risk their lives to fight for access to natural resources and against mining and oil extraction. We are working to build eco-feminism, in which the land’s resources are not monopolized, and women’s lives are protected.

Financial capital, austerity measures and privatization cause poverty and violence against women. At the WMW, we work to empower women and increase their economic autonomy. We believe in the redistribution of wealth and the solidarity economy.

We denounce the risk in religious fundamentalism and imperialist policies. We want a fair world, free from oppression, with no military forces, where women and peoples have the right to self-determination and where human rights are respected.

The 100 delegates, come from 40 different countries, met in Maputo, Mozambique, to share Share A unit of ownership interest in a corporation or financial asset, representing one part of the total capital stock. Its owner (a shareholder) is entitled to receive an equal distribution of any profits distributed (a dividend) and to attend shareholder meetings. our different realities and our economic and political contexts. Thanks to our Mozambican sisters, who explained the situations in which they fight their battles, we understood that their reality was also that of women in many other countries.

We condemn the violent repression exercised against Kurdish, Sahrawi and Palestinian peoples and women, and we stand together with all women fighting colonization.

We all stand with the women who have been imprisoned and tortured, who suffer atrocious violence and who, in armed conflicts, are sold, raped and killed.

The movement of the World March of Women draws its strength from diversity. And is committed to greater inclusion of minorities, as well as women with disabilities and other marginalized women.

Our desire to engage in inter-generational work can be seen in our pro-active, inclusive approach that aims to incorporate young women into all of our governing bodies.

Meeting in Maputo, the women of the WMW reaffirmed our solidarity with lesbian and bisexual women and decided to include the experiences and analyses of those women in our training, our discussions and our actions. We have tasked ourselves with the goal of fostering lesbian visibility.

War, famine and poverty thrust refugees out onto the road to suffer the worst violence. The World March of Women stands with all refugee women. We denounce the racism of “host” countries and demand that the walls being built all over be torn down.

The catastrophic economic situation, the rise of the right wing, political violence and repressive governments are engendering a violent and unfair world with no future.

The situation experienced by women is the result of the effects of the capitalist, patriarchal and colonialist system. Within this hostile context, our response comes in the form of our alternatives.

We resist oppression and self-organize to take action and establish ties to other social movements. We resist for a better world based on the values of the WMW: equality, justice, peace, solidarity and freedom.

Our alternatives develop the autonomy and self-defense of women and peoples for a decent, sustainable life. Feminist political training is our tool of choice for this.

Women united in resistance struggle against capitalism, the hetero-patriarchy, racism and colonialism, and build alternatives for a better world.

We will be on the march until all women are free!

Secretariado Internacional de la Marcha Mundial de las Mujeres Rua Vila Namuali, 246 • Malhangalene • Maputo• Mozambique • Caixa postal : 3632 Tel. +258 21414189 • Fax : +258 21413437• info at marchemondiale.org • www.marchemondiale.org

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