FREEDOM for our comrade Agadil and STOP the harassment of Moroccan activists

7 November 2011 by ATTAC/CADTM Morocco

On the first November, the secret services of Safi city (200 km from rabat) kidnapped our comrade Akadil Abdul Jalil, a member of ATTAC Morocco and activist in the movement of February 20. In the first time, authorities denied his arrest, but thanks to pressure from activists of the city including lawyers, the judge of Safi court admitted his arrest.

This arrest happened in the city of Safi where tow activists (Kamal Al-Amari - Mohamed Bodoura) were victims of brutal repression of the regime to continuous popular struggle for freedom and dignity.

Demonstrating the pursuit of the Moroccan regime to intimidate and arrest activists of the movement to prevent its popular implantation, especially when the current process of struggle is continuing for more than eight months, showed the governors that it’s not a passing wave and struggle will not stop only when corruption and tyranny were dropped.

Face of this terrible oppression suffered by activists for a real democracy in Morocco, the National Secretariat of attac/cadtm morocco declares the following:

- We Consider the arrest of our comrade Abdul Jalil Akadil as an expression of the continuation of methods of the so-called “Année de plomb”, where he was kidnapped by the secret service what constitutes a flagrant violation of laws including the “new” constitution.

- We ask for the immediately and unconditionally release of Abdul Jalil Akadil

- We Alert authorities of Safi and the Interior Ministry of any quest for the fabrication of criminal charges for our comrade Abdul Jalil Akadil because masses of well-known ideas and objectives of the struggle of members of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco Safi.

- We ask for returns to his job our comrade and member of National Secretariat Sandia Mustapha , who was stopped because his involvement in the popular struggles in Safi city.

- We call to stop all methods of intimidation against our comrade and member of National Secretariat “Yassir Belhiba” in Benguerir city and stop all provocative and repressive practices against the militants of ATTAC/Cadtm Morocco and all the activists of Feb. 20 movement.

National Secretariat
03 November 2011, Agadir.


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