Morocco : 32 years in prison for Agadil and his comrades

23 January 2012 by ATTAC/CADTM Morocco

January 19, 2012, the Court of appeal of Safi gave unfair judgments against several protest activists of the movement of Safi (called 1 August prisoners). Among them, our comrade Abdeljalil Agadil, Member of ATTACCADTM Morocco and the movement of February 20 (M20), the sentences are as follows:
1. Hicham Tani, a. Agadil, Ali Taâban and El Mehdi Ghiwam: 4 years imprisonment
2. Amine Abou Al Iddam, Omar Martab, Yassin Al Mahili, Abdelkarim Koundi, Abdelkader Al fidadi, Adil Zaid and Amine El Touzani: 2 years of prison
3. Mohamed Assarssar and Boujemaâ: A year in prison
4. Miloud Al Habti and Aziz Benchrifa: 4 months in prison

These sentences confirm the repressive nature of the Moroccan State. “Justice for the rich” punished following a mock trial. These young people have been convicted because they claimed the right to work, freedom and dignity for the Moroccan people. Their participation in the M20 reflected this struggle.

Safi, already scarred by the loss of two of its young (Kamal Amari and Mohamed Boudourwa) following the bloody police crackdown in 2011, suffers the wrath of a local repressive apparatus. The objective of these arrests and these convictions is to prevent any popular rooting of the M20 in Safi. Yet, the “20 February” movement demonstrated through 11 months past, that he is not ready to stop as long as despotism and corruption rampant in our country.

Following this unjust judgment, the national Secretariat of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco announces the following:
• Responsible for this charade and unfair judgments is the State with all its institutions.
• The trial of Agadil and his comrades is political and there is nothing a simple criminal case.
• We demand the immediate release of political prisoners in the events of August 1 to Safi.
• Those who should be convicted are the responsible for political and economic crimes in our country, not those who fight against despotism and nepotism.
• We call militant organizations here and elsewhere to continue their actions of solidarity with the activists and all other political prisoners in Morocco.
• This trial reinforces our belief that effective change to the Morocco will go through the burial of the absolute regime constitution and the construction of a real democracy.

Popular pressure and national and international solidarity we allow us to free our comrades as is was in 2005 with the the Imini workers trial who have received 10 years in prison and the solidarity movement has allowed us to obtain their release.

National Secretariat of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco
20 January at Rabat


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