The Greek debt, a European Tragedy

22 July 2016 by CADTM , Productions du Pavé

The animated video “ The Greek debt. a European tragedy” here presented is the result of an intense effort of sensibilisation realised by the collective “Production du Pavé” and the CADTM staff.

This video intends to sum up in a simple and easy way, how Greek indebtedness grew into the outbreak of the public debt crisis of 2010.
It also seaks to denounce, with solid arguments, the huge disinformation around this subject.
The details in this video are from the preliminary report of the Truth Committee on Public Debt. The video will allow a larger public to approach the conclusions of the report.

The production team :

- Director: Gilles Grégoire 
-  Animation: Rémi Libert
-  Graphics: Axel Herman
-  Scenario: Maxime Roodthooft, Gilles Grégoire and Chiara Filoni
-  Voice: Sarah Santkin
-  Sound: Marius Adam
-  Original music: Louis Mergeai and Thomas Lonneux
- Sound effects: Louis Mergeai
- Sub-titles: Gilles Grégoire 

Translation :

Coralie Märker (Deutsch), Eλένη Τσέκερη (Ελληνικά), Christine Pagnoulle, Gilles Grégoire, Chiara Filoni and Mike Krolikowski (English), Andrea Cosa Martinez (Español), Chiara Filoni (Italiano), Maïté Mawet (Język polski), Isabelle Nagy (Magyar), Irma Botić (Srpskohrvatski jezik/ Српскохрватски језик)

With thanks to: Lucien Halflants, Loïc Warnotte, Jérémie Cravatte, Lisa Choudhna, Jacques Grégoire, Michel Husson, Didier Jacquemin, Emilie Paumard, Isabelle Pirothon, Anouk Renaud, Patrick Saurin and Renaud Vivien.

Please spread this video to all your contacts so that the lies about the Greek debt crises and its victims will stop!

You can select the subtitle track by clicking on the ’Settings’ button on the video

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