Solidarity with the activists object of repression in Sidi Ifni

9 février 2009 par ATTAC/CADTM Maroc

Next February 12, will open the trial of Brahim Bara, Agharbi Hassan, Mohamed Ouahadani, Khadija Ziane and 18 other activists of the social movement of Sidi Ifni, in Agadir’s Court. 12 of them are awaiting trial for more than six months in the overcrowded prison of Inezgane while 10 others are on bail.

Today, there is unanimity within the P, the Parliament, the press and civil society to recognize the merits of economic and social demands of the inhabitants of Ifni to stop the marginalization of the region, the continuous deterioration of facilities and services of the city and to provide concrete solutions to unemployment, the main problem of the region. It tooks for them , however, more than 8 years and increasingly moblization to to be heard.

That is why, tired of the politics of the deaf-ear and promises never kept, a group of unemployed, supported by the population of the city, came in late May, to block access to port to require consideration of their demands and proposals.

Violence and savagery of the repression that hit the city on 7 June has sparked outrage and disapproval of the national and international public opinion which immediately showed their solidarity by holding on 15th and 22th June two caravans of solidarity that were displaced to Ifni to lift the siege and the blockade of the town, wounded to the aggression by various law enforcement agencies from across Morocco, which took people hostage and made them suffer the worst violence and humiliation.

But instead of pursuing those responsible for theft, sexual violence, beatings and torture of people by the so said “order forces” 22 representatives of the social movement of Ifni who are now charged under very heavy loads : establishment and management of a criminal gang, insulting officials, destruction of industrial facilities, obstructing traffic, gathering armed destruction of port facilities and access roads, etc..

The power is mistaken in thinking it possible to separate the social development needs expressed by the people of Sidi Ifni and their democratic right to express these needs and citizen participation to build the future of the region. The administration increased the meetings with local notables (who did not move a finger to stop the city and the region’s marginalization) to develop a plan of action Action
Valeur mobilière émise par une société par actions. Ce titre représente une fraction du capital social. Il donne au titulaire (l’actionnaire) le droit notamment de recevoir une part des bénéfices distribués (le dividende) et de participer aux assemblées générales.
to meet the recognized as legitimate claims of the inhabitants, while representatives recognized the same people who brought their proposals and have been victims, with many others, police violence who find themselves in the dock after having already served-without- trial several months of prison in disastrous conditions of overcrowding, lack of hygiene and care Care Le concept de « care work » (travail de soin) fait référence à un ensemble de pratiques matérielles et psychologiques destinées à apporter une réponse concrète aux besoins des autres et d’une communauté (dont des écosystèmes). On préfère le concept de care à celui de travail « domestique » ou de « reproduction » car il intègre les dimensions émotionnelles et psychologiques (charge mentale, affection, soutien), et il ne se limite pas aux aspects « privés » et gratuit en englobant également les activités rémunérées nécessaires à la reproduction de la vie humaine. .

The holding of the trial in these conditions and the long history of political trials in Morocco cast doubts on the willingness of the Authority to ensure judicial independence and to achieve calm the tense atmosphere in which the city lives of Ifni in years.

Therefore Attac Morocco, including several of its activists were prosecuted under this trial, calls on all organizations of lawyers, human rights, all bodies concerned with respect for justice and democracy, the press and all counter- powers, to make their best efforts to ensure that this trial can not be an act of the tragedy of Justice and the rights of defendants and their defense to a fair trial are respected.


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